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Post by Jackercat on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:07 pm


The exact location of the roleplay will be determined through a vote. It could be in a city/town/whatever in whatever climate but I do it'll near the border within a nation called Astermis. It is a large, communist, and mostly human nation about the size of the United States. It is ruled by a collective of individuals representing thirty-six individual provinces. However, rumors often spring out about there being a sole ruler pulling the strings. Though generally these individuals stay and govern within their home province, every month and on emergency sessions they travel to the capital city to pass/veto federal laws. Each province may set its own laws and rules, though none may go outside of the bounds of the constitution or federal law book. As mentioned earlier, the nation is communist.

Everyone works towards the good of the state, and therefore themselves by doing whatever it is they can do best. Before turning 16, most in the nation choose what it is they are the most practical at before entering their line of work. Those who prove adapt at passing tests to continue on to more advanced lines of work are sent to specialized schools for it. Those who have 'harder' jobs are provided comforts designed to neutralize the stress, though generally everyone lives the same. To compensate for having little reward for hard work, the society is very honor-driven. Doctors, Generals, Blacksmiths, and others are given a high amount of respect. A high amount of respect trickles onto the family, who are respected as well. This honor can last for generations. There is a small unit of currency added as a 'bonus' for working longer hours than necessary in order to buy small comforts such as extra beery, ext. However, all jobs give the same amount of currency when one works overtime.

Though this style of government is not new at all, it is still one of the most heavily contested. Rebellions spring up at timely rate and are quelled by the state's fairly powerful military consisting mainly of infantry units armed with an assortment of firearms, swords, bows, and arrows. The nation does have a few Zeppelins and War Machines bought from an ally, however.

Magic use Astermis is permitted, however many citizens are openly hostile towards anyone using it. Those against it cite a variety reason, including religious ones as well as even scientific reasons; new studies into using most types of magic have "revealed previously undiscovered health risks including increases the chances of developing Rapid Cell Multiosis (cancer)." Of course, many people are just jelly of those stylin on their non-magical asses, yo. Even-so, many tolerate it or even embrace it. It's estimated around 6.2% of all Astermians can use magic.

As for demographics, the nation is mostly human though there are a variety of other races in it from all over the world, be them permanent or otherwise.

The Current Situation

Current Date: September --, 2453 AGF (After the Great Fire)

Astermis is currently feeling a bit of social turmoil as liberal reforms are currently being questioned within the government such as the child labor laws which outlawed the practice twenty or so years ago. These laws are due to a sudden and unprovoked air and land blockade set up by the nations Talclair and Railous, Silvari/Lunari and Rallos nations respectively. These blockades have prevented a flow of critical goods from Astermis allied nations. The Railans seem to be content with holding their lines, but the Silvari/Dark Elven nations have already begun pushing into Astermis territory and border conflicts have sprout up everywhere. Asternia is doing all it can to prevent a war. However, the public is in the dark over what exactly the Railans and Talclair want as the demands of the two nations have not been released to them.

Because war may be imminent, measures are already being taken to prepare Asternia's defense. Army recruitment and training have increased and towns in all provinces have begun to busy themselves arming and training their militia as well as constructing defensive fortifications. Meanwhile, rumors abound about strange vehicles roaming through the countryside accompanied by unknown soldiers.


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