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The Setting and Required Downloads Empty The Setting and Required Downloads

Post by Jackercat on Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:17 pm

Siberian Roleplay takes place in a small town called Tunturi fifty miles off the coast of Siberia. This takes place in a universe very similar to our own but with a few differences. One of these is that the Soviet Union is much more pro-communist during this era than in the real world to the point where rebel groups are actively fighting against its strict policies. A secondary result of this and certain military actions undertaken by the Union are heightened tensions between it and the United States. Another difference was the development of the Star Wars Anti-ICBM space based weapons platforms by the United States in 1976 which was soon mimicked by the Soviet Union. This led to the notion of conventional warfare being conducted to be more realistic.

However, the main difference between this reality and our own is that there exists all-manner of supernatural creatures. Some of these creatures evolved along side of humanity or came to be through more abstract means. These creatures have been hiding since the fall of the Order of the Seven Philosophers, or Lamia Order around the time of Rome's peak of powerful. The Lamia Order was the first to maintain peaceful relations with human empires and was allied to many other supernatural societies. This order kept a steady peace between most of minority sentient creatures and the humans. However, its leader, an ancient, powerful, and formally wise vampire grew too power-hungry and this led to a systematic quelling of many supernatural creatures. This led to a war between the Roman Empire and the Lamia Order and its allies. During the chaos, the First Vampire was slain in 506 BC. After that, records and documents of interaction with these creatures such as treaties and alliances were lost to time. They became, to their benefit, only myth and legend.

One race of symbiotic (though non-magical) creatures was hunted to near extinction due to humans associating them with demons. This was due to the personality blending that subtly changed the personality of the host. Many associated it with possession. As a the symbiotic creatures realized they could not blend with anyone without risking their hosts. They were not pessimistic creatures, however, and decided to hibernate until they believed humanity was at a point of cultural significance where they could co-exist with them.

Nobody knew where this leader of the Lamia came from, but it could not be argued that he was one of the most powerful entities in existence. After his death powerful energies began seeping out of his body. To prevent these energies from being tapped into by a malignant source his body was buried deep within the wilderness of Siberia in a deep tomb. His energies continue to seep out of the ground this day. High concentrations of energy literally erupt as a geyser would out of the ground. These geysers are oddities of the natural world, their streams looking much like illuminated water. One particular geyser has been erupting since the burial. Direct contact with these streams has benefits for nearly all life, supernatural or not.

These energies have positive benefits on life. Therefore the forests around Tunturi and the nearby town of Nyach are thick and teaming with life. Despite the dense vegetation, humans have long since coveted the area for its abundance of resources such as game. The Mongols were the first to discover the area and prize it. Though it wasn't noted, the positive human health and lower infant moralities in the area may have subtly influenced the desire for people to settle there. It's possible that explorers may have found the spring and its healing abilities, creating the myth of the Fountain of Youth.

In recent years, the energies in the area have been discovered by supernatural creatures and are being used as a substitute for dangerous ways of harnessing energy for magic use. It has also been able to quell the need vampires have for feeding. Certain human factions have also taken an interest in the unusual energy readings such as Honshu Robotics. Contact between Honshu Robotics and one supernatural creatures called the Vila resulted in hostile relationships being established. Since than Honshu has began developing weapons to fight supernaturals. Honshu is such a powerful corporation that their private army is said to be large enough to be able to seize a small modern nation.

Now, Tunturi is being used as a workforce town. Because of the Soviet Union's need for resources due to fear of an incoming war with the United States they have begun pressuring all Siberian towns to increase resource gathering. Because of this Nyach and Tunturi have been low on supplies. They face a brutal winter.

These maps should be on the auto-dl but still it's good to dl them ahead of time in case something fucks up:

Tunturi (Current Roleplay Area) -
Dreznan -
Nyach -
Robynsvalley -
Forests in the Area (These are important for most work events. Get them) -


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