Cirrus (Primary Setting)

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Cirrus (Primary Setting) Empty Cirrus (Primary Setting)

Post by Jackercat on Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:58 pm

Cirrus is the crowning jewel of all of Saria. Situated atop a high peek, it is one of the safest cities in all the land. From every direction and from every nation trade caravans pour into it, ready to sell a vast variety of products to an eagerly-consuming market. Because Saria is a multi-species nation, naturally Cirrus is filled with diverse forms of life, from Orcs to Elves to Humans to even species who do not call Saria a home such as the Anayach, there usually for diplomatic reasons. Even the Rallan nation of Saragon controls an embassy within its great walls. Near the city is the Keystone Gateway, a portal that connects the capital city to a small town situated upon one of the many floating islands above Nidus. This particular town serves as a hub for resource dropoffs, making the capital city even more of a center of activity.

Residing in the small, humble castle within its walls is the royal, immortal vampire Queen, who has watched over the city since it was first created. From here, decisions are made and relayed to her subjects throughout the nation. It is by her demand that the city has undergone technological upgrades since Saria's Industrial Revolution, but has remained mostly the same looking aesthetically.


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