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Post by Jackercat on Fri May 06, 2011 4:58 pm

Vote for the roleplay date here! The date will only have a minor significance on the overall story but it will effect some things such as weaponry and of course, the technology that can be roleplayed. Please keep in mind that the roleplay world will be an alternate reality of our own that will be similar up to the point when we start playing; the path of it does not need to follow history's. Also note that whatever the time we roleplay in the same location.

1929: Early days of Soviet Industrial Expansion. Stalin leads his newly annexed nation into an era of great industrial progress as well as great tragedy. Food shortages and political paranoia run wild resulting in millions of deaths and imprisonments. The village has barely evolved into the modern day and its economy has just begun.
1940: World War 2 has just started and Russia is still at peace for now. The town is still an isolated village on the edge of nowhere. Deserters from the army are commonplace here. Occasionally Japanese warships can be seen sailing out at sea.
1981: The Cold War is still in full swing. The threat of nuclear annihilation is ever present. Any day now American missiles are expected to streak through the heavens.
2011: Modern Era. Russia is now a democracy. The town remains an isolated peace of wonder in the middle of nowhere, Siberia. Some foreigners looking for a sense of isolation have made the place their home, however.

Note: The information on the village's past here is canon no matter what time we play in.


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