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Post by Jackercat on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:04 pm

OOC Stuff: Yeah. Jack is back baby and sane again (partially, god damn it's been a while)! I know many of you don't trust me for good reason but this is a roleplay I truly want to do and have had it in my mind for nearly a month so it's not just some one-week obsession.

This is a science/fantasy mix. Really, if you don't like it leave. I honestly don't want to hear your bitching after I've done all this work. If you do like it, stay around Smile. If you're having trouble deciding, let's put it this way: view the science/tech stuff rationally and scientifically including the creatures that don't seem to have come about through natural means and the fantasy stuff, including creatures that seem to have come about through supernatural means as not meant to be taken in a scientific light. Also, be sure to read the setting thread. Note that a few of our previous roleplay universe may exist in 'The Great Sphere' below. The Siberian Roleplay universe definitely is one of those that exists. However, I tend to agree with Psyche in that having too many multiple dimensions kind of makes it seem like there isn't really a point in 'saving the world' or whatever so we won't be using String Theory in this in that there isn't an infinite number of habitable universes. Read up on that below.

Basically, this universe is part fantasy (and slightly medieval in some areas of Rallas, more on Rallas later), part steampunk, part Psuedo-Science of the early 19th century, part 18th century, and part the imagination of late 19th and early 20th century writers and filmmakers such as HG Wells, and part crazy-ass shit I've created on my own.

The Great Sphere

In the beginning, there was nothing. Than, a small speck of matter appeared out of nowhere to give birth to the first universe, a realm of chaotic and spontaneously spawning energies. These energies existed in multiple dimensions. Eventually, these energies budded off from the main universe to spawn more universe, independent of the first and each other except in some areas of high gravity where space would 'fold' into the first. These universes aren't further or closer to each other in any way human words can describe. It's best to picture these universes as sheets of paper wrapped around a ball, the ball being the realm of chaotic energy.

All of these universes held the same physical laws of each other, but differed in both their expansion rates and rate of time. In some universes time would move quicker than others. As the universes expanded they would push themselves further to the surface of the 'paper ball.', thus becoming 'further' away from the realm of chaotic energy. Expansion rate and time are not proportional. This is important because the further away from the home universe other universes are, the less energy from the chaotic realm will leak into them; energy that can be harnessed by certain elements. When universes expand, all matter inside of it decays and eventually the universe dies and evaporates into nothing.

Since the chaotic realm only spawns a new universe every once in terms of our time, there are usually only a certain number of universes in existence within the sphere at any time. Advanced beings in older universes with an understanding of the sphere usually guestimate the number of universes at any given time to be only ten habitable with about only a hundred solar systems per galaxy capable of supporting life. Furthermore, the amount of energy in the chaotic energy universe is slowly decaying and the amount of universes in existence at a time will eventually decrease; eventually no more universes will spawn at all. This time may somewhat close.

Planet Rallas

Steampunk/Scifi/Fantasy Roleplay Information Pangea
Planet Rallas

Planet Rallas exists in one of the outer arms of a vast spiral galaxy. It is the third planet from the sun in a system of nine planets (FUCK YOU PLUTO'S A PLANET) and happens to be one of the only two planets in the system capable of supporting life. Planet Rallas' universe is relatively 'small' compared to others when it comes to how far its expanded but it is older in time than many. Time is quicker there than in our own universe, though it seems to go along regularly within it.

The planet itself is around 6.8 billion years old. However, intelligent life only began to show up more recently. Intelligence is not limited to one species, as there are multiple races living on the planet who either evolved or came from... elsewhere. Most of these species are capable of using magic, the Vila, Silvary and Lunari Elves (Not sure if Dark Espadon is cool with me stealing what I believe is their lore but if they have any objections I'll gladly take it down) being the most likely to use it (though they are only a few examples of the many races on Rallas). Magical energies are said to come from multiple sources, though the truth about how magic truly works is unknown.

As for Geography, Rallas is about the size of Earth. It has one super-continent and small scattered islands surrounding it. Because of the size of the sea super-hurricanes occasionally kick up, massive storms with Category 6 wind speeds, thus sea travel is relatively risky. The climate is fairly close to Earth's, with an average temperature of 75F. It has hot deserts, lush forests, and tundra.

Magic and Technology

Unfortunately, learning how to use advanced magic can take a lifetime, and even basic magic can take years for some, though many are more adapt at it than others. Though magic is still common and practical, many have found technology to be as if not more useful than it as it can be used by most more easily. Some cultures have such a love for technology and are so scientifically/religious oriented magic is often shunned. In some nations magic users are even actively hunted. The most common people to use a mix of technology and magic are the Humans and Solari Elves. Those most likely to use technology solely are the Orcs, Wendigo, and Rallans (a naturally stronger species of humans with glowing blue eyes)

The level of technology ranges from that of the 1100-1910, some fields overtaking others. Steam powered logging machines, tanks, trains, and zeppelins are all common in more technologically oriented nations. However, magic is often used in conjunction with technology. Fire Mages can be found on trains burning coal to power it for instance. Most weaponry is still in the early 1700's. Guns (on the level of muskets and fairly innacurate) and cannons are generally used by advanced armies but crossbows, swords, and even bows are still found en masse mixed in the ranks of advanced armies and used as primary weapons in less advanced armies. The reason for these weapons not being inadequate is that armor capable of providing full-body protection from arrows is fairly rare and expensive. Most infantry regiments who use firearms wear leather armor capable of being penetrated in several places. These do not provide any protection for the head. The most advanced nations are up to the 1900s in weapon technology. A prototype machine gun has been developed by the leading Rallan nation, Cimmeria.

Steampunk/Scifi/Fantasy Roleplay Information Steampunkgirl
Dragna, the most advanced city on the planet. Built mostly by Rallans.


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