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Post by Jackercat on Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:26 am

Bloodstone Red-stone-7

Bloodstone is the name for an odd mineral mined around Taromak, named after its blood-like color. It has been labeled as the number one resource for acquisition by Soviet scientists in the area due to the bizzare property it has of being naturally electrically charged. This charge was so potent the first miner to drive a pickaxe into it lost his hands when the wood attached to the metal top of the tool was overcharged and exploded. He also received a brief but severe electrical shot, though luckily it was dampened by the wood. Discoveries have been made by them that indicate it could be used to create an explosive of incredible power. Meanwhile, elven mages have studied the stone and have found out that it can be used to create a powerful magical attack that can cut through any magic shield.

What nobody has yet to discover is the dark secret of why the stones can be so powerful; they are filled with human and mythic souls.


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