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Post by BooM on Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:41 pm

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Funded by the government of Earth, the Imperials, are mostly a secret organization based on the survival and safety of the Human race. The Imperials often wage secret wars across expanding colonies as well as on Earth, killing hostile aliens and renegade groups of humans. Imperials are far greater equipped than regular infantry men based in colonies and guard posts, often using prototype armor and weapons to their advantage against savage alien species. Most Imperial troopers go unnoticed for their secretion to outside members, most only being known to high ranking political officials and people they have come into contact with. Imperials, for the sake of Earth and the human race, often look up to no man except their own command structure, which is like the main infantry. When there is a threat to a colony the Imperials send a emissary to the colony informing them of their arrival. The Imperials tend to use spies in sprouting colonies to ensure the best for humanity as a whole is on the mind of the colony and its people. Most Imperials are considered ruthless fighting machines, sent in to do things the government will not do or wishes to stay out of it. The Imperials rarely accept new applicants into their regiment, mainly requesting people to join instead. Applicants live a life of little to no social structure, either training or on missions against various groups.

Lloyd Thule
-Honor Guard-



You can make a character that has been in the Imperials for some time by applying. They will be mostly for event purposes and and can be used as an active or secondary character.
Applications will be judged by me, BooM, and Jacker in our respected colors.



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