Technology That Earth (The UTF) DOESN'T Have

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Technology That Earth (The UTF) DOESN'T Have Empty Technology That Earth (The UTF) DOESN'T Have

Post by Jackercat on Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:01 pm

1. Weapons-grade lasers or energy weapons of any type. Earth does use mining lasers but they suck up a shittton of power and are used more for precision drilling and not sheer-destruction like the MAC is. They would take a few seconds or so to drill through a strong hull, something a MAC gun could do with one shot, and it would make a bigger god-damned hole.

2. Shielding. Yes I know the argument has been made that the ship should have them because travelling at high-speeds would lead to collisions with space-dust that could tear holes through the ship. However, a. Hypertravel takes the ship to a different dimension where there isn't much shit flying around and, b. The ship has a strong as fuck hull. Besides, what would happen if the ship was accelerating a high-speed and all of a sudden its power was cut? It'd be fucked. You'd need some method besides shielding in order to protect it. Also, the ship doesn't have windows, those are holograms.

3. Black Hole generators or other crazy shit like time machines and such.

4. A super-quick means of space travel. Their hyperspace window takes them to a dimension where they have to use conventional thrusters to move around. Because of this it takes a bit to get anywhere even inside hyperspace. A week for four light-years (a day in-game)

5. Cloaking Technology.

6. FTL Communication. Yep, Earth still uses radios. However, it is working on a way around this by sending radio messages through hyperspace where they should be faster. However, the weird physics inside hyperspace seem to distort radio-waves which make them unable to be deciphered if they travel a long distance. However, other possibilities are being considered for use in hyperspace.

7. Beaming Tech, Portals, Wormholes (Insta-Transport) - Star Trek like transporters do not exist in the UTF.

8. Cheap Hyperdrives. The only one Earth has a handful of FTL ships and they're all military/honshu.

Let me know if I'm forgetting any other stuff that needs to be in here. Now I know from a realistic perspective it may not be possible for Earth NOT to have some of these technologies with all the other glorious shit it has, but from a story perspective I think this is the best way to go. It's fun to be the underdog.


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