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Post by spit.respectable on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:07 am

The Divine is an alien faction, consisting of many species, although it is only known that some of "The Bek" are part of it. The Divine are very odd, they are a normal military force yet are very religous, so religous in fact that they are led by a prophet,usually of the *unknown* species. They are known for ordering their ranks by importance, using different materials for the armor, although those materials are unknown they are the colors of Red, for minor units, Jade, for normal units, and Blue, for major units. They are known to together have an 8 or 9 on the tech scale, as it takes a skilled captain 2 mac rounds and a nuke to destroy only a frigate (Trust me, flag ships will practically one shot everybody and some are even equipped with
A weapon that can destroy an entire solar system if used on maximum power, known as "The Cleansing"

Known members

The Prophet:

Captains/Generals (Blue):

Commanders (Jade):

Bridge-based Crew Members (Jade):

Crew Members (Red):

Soldiers (Red):


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