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Post by spit.respectable on Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:42 pm

The Renegades are a faction of rebels, fighting against "The Divine", an alien military involving several species. Renegades are fighting The Divine for the independence of their species'. They are known for using only purple in their uniforms, as a sign of equality, though there are still ranks. The renegades are only known to be made up of The Bek so far, but soon other species shall be known. Every Renegade ship is independent, and the Renegades have no actual leader, but the generals do meet in an unknown system, to discuss battle tactics and large scale attacks. Not much else is currently known about The Renegades.

Renegade Members:
Name | Known history
[Please include flags for these]

Alckameth Bathzar | Was a Renegade spy aboard a Divine frigate, known as "The Spirit of War" before he was discovered and ejected from the ship, currently on board of The Bahamut, in Cryo.

None known

None known

None known


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