Todo List - Kicker, Valt, and Reanimated please read

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Todo List - Kicker, Valt, and Reanimated please read Empty Todo List - Kicker, Valt, and Reanimated please read

Post by Jackercat on Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:25 pm

- Get job to get a server or find some sort of way to create a chat room based roleplay I already have a place for this actually and it may actually work well as a replacement for GMod. It may or may not be as immersible but it could work pretty god-damned well actually considering it has chat rooms for DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE WORLD which could be very useful actually and make the world seem more expansive than a regular Gmod map. If all goes well it could actually garner us more of a playerbase than GMod itself with better roleplayers than it as well. It could actually work as an alternative instead of a temporary state. is what I'm talking about. Check it out and find out why it's so damned awesome.
- Continue to come up ideas for main storyline. Write down main storyline when done. If anyone wants in on helping me create it or even a seperate storyline contact me over Steam, I'd be happy to hear you out.
- Create Lore for Vampires and Werewolves. Reanimated the former is for you and Kicker the latter is for you. Put under races for now but this could change to 'Life States.' or whatever.
- Decide who is going to roleplay important characters. For instance the General in charge of the Railon forces, ext. ext. The governor in the district we play in.
- I'll need to choose a map if we do decide to go on Gmod
- Set up our Roleplay Gateway roleplay. Shouldn't be too hard.
- Attract roleplayers to the Gateway Roleplay if we set that up. Our friends on Steam who are interested that is.
- Get a damned chatroom on this forum so I don't have to be on Steam to communicate with you.
- Finalize categories of magic and create spells for each category that do certain things (Fireball or Holy Light are specifically fore chucking fireballs and summoning holy light). I don't know jack shit about magic so I'll need help with this. So far we have:
- Organize a time for everyone to try to be on daily if we use roleplay gateway, even if it's only 20 minutes or so a day. This will keep it from dying.

Dark Magic

Spells or techniques so far include Full Mental Control, Shadow Molding, Thought Control, and Emotions Control Spells could be semi-progressive in a sense that learning Thought and Emotion control could lead way to learning Full Mental Control. This goes for every other type

Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is controlling certain forces of nature. Includes weather summoning and control, fire summoning and control, moving earth around... ext.

Peagen Magic

Controlling fauna or flaura. For instance forcing trees to come to life to kill shit.

Arcane Magic

Magic that can't really fall into the above categories. I guess you can describe it as having a somewhat religious nature to deferential it from Elemental Magic. Holy Light does not just summon light, it summons well, holy light. Light capable of melting a vampire's face off which is more potent than any ole natural light. This category is probably going to be the most trouble in defining definitively.

If I'm forgetting anything post it here.


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