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Post by V4ltt3ri on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:25 pm

"You've walked through the torching desert.
You no religion can hope to convert.
To you the wastelands prove no trouble.
Even cities you leave to rubble.
The densest forest doesn't scare you.
The great king of men in your past you slew.

But now you face an object so great.
The mountains before you, you believe it's fate.
You dare not to go on, you shiver in fear.
You turn around and leave to keep your life so dear.
For the mountains are ours, the kingdom of dwarves.
Before our might every threat dissolves."

-The Great Book of Dwarven Knowledge
A rare dwarven poem from the time before the Great Fire

The Dwarves Dwarf

Dwarves are short, muscular manlike beings and can live up to 200 years old. In the olden days Dwarves were the most advanced and most widely spread race on Rallas. Every major mountain range was riddled with dwarven cities and their culture and technology influenced the development of other races such as the Rallans. Then, in the great turmoil of the Great Fire dwarven civilization was driven to the edge of extinction. Almost all of the documentations from that time have been lost. Somehow, they managed to survive. Now, most of their cities lie in ruins and only a few small settlements and 2 major cities remain. Both cities lie in the mountain range called the Bluestone Mountains 100 miles North from Saria, a nation in which many survivors have integrated into,

Dwarves rely heavily on technology. In the olden days their technological ingenuity sparked the development of many major inventions such as glass and catapults. Even today many inventions come from the thick heads of dwarven scientists. Dwarves can use magic and some do but they do not embrace it as much as many other races. They're more curious about it and tend to think of it as amusement.

Dwarven society is strict and hierarchical. Every city has a king who is elected from one of the noble houses for life. Below the nobles are the carpenters, warriors, scientists and merthants. Below them are the labourers. At the bottom are the castaways; criminals, retards and other lowlives. Generally dwarves from lower classes do not mingle or marry dwarves from higher classes but sometimes there are exceptions. Dwarves have strict laws and many of the punishments are either executing the perpetrator or exiling him. They are a proud race. Often even egoistic. They tend to think of themselves as higher than many of the other races. Elves and Wendigos in particular.

The Dwarves Dwarf

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Post by Jackercat on Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:58 pm

Well done, Valt!


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