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Post by Jackercat on Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:45 pm

The Vila - Tree Lovers Forest-fairy-lovely-woman-31000

The only race more protective of the woods than the Silvari Elves are the Vila. Because of this, they are a loggers worst nightmare and most feared opponent. This fear doesn't come from the Vila's combat prowess or even intellect, but from their natural magical abilities. They are capable of summoning rainstorms and even more fierce weather when there are a large number of them in an area. Adding to this is their affinity for shape-shifting. They are usually capable of assuming the form of any animal or that of a beautiful woman (of any race). Their race is capable of learning other magic.

The Vila live in close-knit tribes or 'groves' deep within the densest forests, only appearing in the regular world when they grow bored. Their boredom is usually quelled by pulling pranks on unsuspecting members of other races, being natural at the art. Vila are usually very cocky and childlike, only maturing later in their lives. Because of their natural gifts, they see little need for technology. Physically, in their natural for, Vila resemble humans other than the obvious fact that they are equipped with a pair of butterfly like wings which they can use to fly a short distance before tiring.


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