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The Wendigo Wendigo

A Wendigo is one of the most feared species to enter combat with outside of the Orcs. This fiercness comes from their strength, intellect, and four apertures they are able to use simultaneously due to a mind suited for multi-tasking. Though they aren't nearly as resilient to damage as an Orc in a bloodthirsty rage, they are still quite capable of remaining in a fight even if one of their limbs as been severed. Though many prefer to use weapons, others amongst them are quite satisfied with only using their limbs; their larger two arms are quite capable of ripping the average human into two.

Wendigo tribes organized into a nation nearly a thousand years ago, however the nation was quickly brought to its knees from a coalition of paranoid others who feared the combined power of the Wendigo. Wendigo are now scattered about the many nations of Nidus. They are known to be a prized possession to any military, even if they are only acting as mercenaries. The Wendigo tend to be a blunt, no-bullshit, and snarky race of beings. They have little tolerance for foolishness and aren't keen to leisure or laziness.

They currently serve as front-line elite soldiers for Saria.


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