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Forest Elves Empty Forest Elves

Post by Jackercat on Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:33 pm

Note: I'm drawing heavy inspiration from Dark Espadon's lore for the elves. If they want me to take this stuff down I'd be happy to.

Forest Elves Combat103_woodelf

Forest Elves are the polar opposite of High Elves. Because of this, they view each other with contempt. The former thinking the latter are a bunch of arrogant prudes, and the latter thinking the Forest elves should stay in the woods where they belong. Forest Elves are usually free spirits, and don't live by any particular code. While some may love drinking as much as the next dwarf and act like party-lovers, others may enjoy a quiet lifestyle of reading novels and books. Their only hive-minded objective is to protect the woodlands. Like the High and Boreal elves, they typically live to a ripe old age of 200. These elves are usually low-tech and occupy the world's great forests. Physically, the Forest elves have great reflexes and jumping abilities.


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