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Post by Jackercat on Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:32 pm

Note: I credit whoever wrote the lore for Dark Espadon's elves for inspiration. If anyone from there wants me to take this down that's fine.

High Elves 19455High_Elf_Avatar_by_Graysun_D
Pictured: Better than you.

Arrogant, long-lived, and beautiful. High Elves are the shit. If you don't believe they are the shit they will sit right down with you and tell you all about why they are the shit and why elves are simply better than you. Having usually a two hundred year life to achieve their aspirations, High Elves are usually driven by a lust for wealth or power, though this can't be said by all their race. They are adept at and fully embrace magic, and like most elves find it easier to use than other races. These elves usually have no formal nations but prefer to mold with societies of humans to leech off of/help them/gain power within because they believe they are fit to rule humans.

Per tradition, High elves typically act with a manner of sophistication and dignity. They love to wear out their expensive dresses and show off their learned magic whenever possible. They are frequently at odds with the Forest elves.


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