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Post by Jackercat on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:59 am

Rallans (Human Offshoot) Leonidas
A Rallan giving a hammy warcry.

Rallans are pretty much humans physically with three distinct differences:

1. They are slightly more intelligent than humans and have larger brains. An average human's IQ is around 100, while an average Rallan's is 110.
2. They are physically stronger than most humans.
3. They are completely unable to use magic.

The typical Rallan mindset is that of pride. They love their intelligence and strength and often have large egos over it. Of course, many are capable of humility. Some of them, however, can be quite condescending and rude to those they consider their 'lessers.' These type of Rallan often consider those who use magic to be weak, having to use it as a crutch. This could either be out of envy or even a god honest belief.

Because of their intellect and love for technology, the Rallan Empire known as Saragon is more advanced than other nations. Their cities boast towering skyscrapers and monorail systems for easy transit. Their military is top-notch boasting powerful weaponry and vehicles.

Rallans are native to the continent of Blackrock, or Kovator in their tongue, unlike many other of the races who live across the sea on another continent.


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