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Post by Jackercat on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:10 pm

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a character you're not too sure will work in the roleplay post it here for examination. If it won't work it'll be thrown into the denied box until it is edited. If you don't post your character here and use a character in game that may suck I will do everything I can to make sure they're pk'd or I may simply kick you if you don't change chars. Even if you know your char is good, character making can also be pretty fun and help reveal insights into your character you did not have before as well as to help develop them. A note to all my neurotic/sensitive brothers and sisters out there, if you've created characters in the past who aren't too good, it doesn't mean you're dumb and I don't hate you for it, this shit is all about experience in the end.

Characters I fucking hate (character sheet below this):

1. Characters that are way too god damned powerful. I really fucking hate when a cool roleplay is going on and some wannabe badass comes up and starts fixing all the problems with his sword/superpowers. No. Characters that make other character inadaquet are not. fucking. allowed. Watch yourself if your making a magic char for these tend to be the ones who break this rule. However, characters carrying around THE SUPER COOL GUN (a powerful item) can tend to break the rule as well.

2. God damned characters who don't belong in the current god damned setting. If we're roleplaying in a small town I don't want to see a general hanging around. If it's a city that hates magic people I don't want to see characters who are magic there (unless they hide the fact they're magic).

3. When there is a character that pops in and adds to a population of characters that should not have that big of a presence in the area. No offense to anyone who did this, but I fucking hated how in Siberian roleplay there were a fuckton of spies and military operatives there.

Liek, seriously? Why was Nyach so damned important to all these spies? The worst part is they never even supplied a reason other than 'lol spyin on the commiez'. I'll admit one or TWO spies would be fucking great, but when everyone is a god damned spy not only makes those characters seem less important but it also ruins the atmosphere of 'oh my god anyone could be a spy' when you know that EVERYONE IS A SPY and there are no innocents! In this roleplay, I do not want to see every other god damned character being a spy from Railous or Tailmarch (or whatever it's called) or any other nation.

I also don't want to see every other person be a soldier of Astermis (or whatever it's called). Sure, it's logical they would have a have a small garrison of soldiers in a town on the border during war-time but typically the ratio of types of characters played by the playerbase (1 Mage/5 Civilians/2 Soldiers) should be proportionate to the town's population. (50 Mages/250 Civilians/100 Soldiers)

Also, since Astermis (or whatever it's called) is primarily a human nation I don't want to see every other mother fucker being an elf, orc, or whatever. If race is the only thing that you can use to make your character seem unique you need to rethink your character. If I start seeing a bunch of fucking elves I'm going to get on my 'superbadassinquisitioncharacter' and go on a murdering spree with a flamethrower that isn't supposed to exist. And I'll eat your fried corpses. Fuck you.

4. Characters who are good at everything. No... god damnit no fuck that shit. I do not want to see a master fighter/logger/negotiator/leader in town at any time unless it's some sort of event character. You can be a master at one thing (though that's discourages cus it could lead to breaking rule #1), but not all things. That's fucking stupid and may make... oh my god full circle... other characters look inadequate, aka, not have a purpose. (Rule #1)

5. Mysterious Badasses (AKA, Noirs or MB's). This type of character who I will probably give you the least amount of flak on since a few of them would probably exist on Rallas. However, seeing too many of these guys really pisses me the fuck off. I also want to differentiate the difference between Mysterious Badasses and quiet people. Quiet people show up to combat situations and generally act like normal people... ya know they may join in the fight but they won't surprise everyone with their Level 10 Kung-Fu (Sims 3 Reference, fuckers), Mysterious Badasses show up in the fight and act like this guy:

Character Rules and Guidelines Batman_imax
Pictured: The God Damned Batman, AKA NOT YOU

They'll whip out THE SUPER COOL GUN (or batarang) and start shooting (or beating the shit out of/throwing batarang at) t3h bad guyz pew pew pew. (pow pow pow/smack 'OI MY FUCKING NUTS') The worst ones may even start ordering people around like they're top dogs/ I'm going to be straight: Nothing you or me create or roleplay as will ever be as cool as the god damned Batman. Again, it's all about relativity. If everyone is a mysterious badass with nobody to compare to, than they might as well be regular ole folks. Try to shy away from these characters.


I want to say right off the bat that if I see everyone having characters that use magic I'm going to flip. Magical characters shouldn't be the norm, they should be the minority. Only roleplay a magical char if you completely understand the meaning of balance. Using magic needs to have drawbacks. A magical attack, for instance, should take longer to summon and harder to control than firing a gun. It should also take a lot out of someone to use magic. They should have to eat more, sleep more. They should be tired out after even using it one time and not able to use it for a few minutes. Magic should also take concentration to use, and if that concentration is disrupted by very potent emotions or say... a knife wound, than magic shouldn't work any longer.

If I see too many magical chars I will disallow any new characters from using it. I may also start up IC anti-magic mobs. Remember, magic is a feared and respected thing in this universe because while science can explain a lot, it still can't explain what the fuck magic is. Some religious users claim it's not in the hands of man to have the power only god/the gods should have. Get a bunch of magic users living with a people in a nation that has/is

1. A high religious presence (which can be anti-magic at time)
2. A decent Rallan population
3. On the verge of war, which really already has people on the edge.
4. Like all nations probably has some bad experiences with magic users
5. Rumors flying about the magical energies could be harmful to not only the users but others too.

and you're going to have trouble.


Anyway, now that I'm done ranting time for the character sheet! Oh, and some of you may still be asking, "Well Jacker, you really didn't say how to create a good character." Well here ya go folks:

1. Look through the Lore page for inspiritation.
2. Look through the General Information page for the setting and roleplay information threads.
3. Don't do any of the shit above.

Wallah, you are well on your way to not having me hate your creations. Feel free to make it look more fancy but aesthetics aren't something I really give two fucks and it won't effect my decision (or anyone else I hope)'s decision as to whether or not your character sucks or not.

Current Location:
Attributes: (Reflexes, strength, ext.)
Magic Known: (Can learn more over time)
Items Carried: All weapons/armor will be actual items with detailed descriptions about exactly how accurate they are and how well they can penetrate armor types. DON'T BUG ADMINS FOR THESE OR I'LL RIP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF. They won't be sweps as we'll be doing /me fights. Items refer to anything else you could be carrying.


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