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What I need from you! Empty What I need from you!

Post by Jackercat on Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:00 pm

What I need from you! I-Want-You-Flat

to do some of the following:

1. Create Lore! Read up on the lore guidelines for information on this but it's pretty simple. You have a crazy-ass universe to work with and it's ready to be filled with your dreams. If you're in doubt about whether or not something will work or not send me a pm so you don't waste time writing something that just won't work. If you want to create weapons that's fine! We won't be needing sweps for this rp.
2. Create flags for Astermis (Humans), Railous (Rallons), and Talclair(Dark Elves/Forest Elves) and for any other nations created. Also, some original concept art monsters would be cool. Also, think of random names that don't sound gay. I suck at naming stuff.
3. Give me money. I don't have any and I need money for a server. I'll probably be getting a job or some sort of alternative form of income but for the love of god give me money if you want to see this happen within September.
4. Start occupying the forums and get this place living.
5. Make characters
6. Find me stuff for the server that seems to fit on garrysmod.org or whatever. Steampunky stuff that I can throw onto a content pack would be preferred. Don't look for sweps.
7. Give me map suggestions
8. Try to tolerate each other the best you can. I know I can't ask everyone to be super-nice to each other because quite frankly people piss me off as much as they piss you off but try to keep your cool if possible.
9. Make me a sandwich. Make it a manwich.
10. If you have something in mind that could help the community, don't be a bitch; contact me about it.
11. Don't bitch about the roleplay setting, the script we use, or whine to me about wanting to retain your admin from the last roleplay unless you legitimately want my hate. I mean, I have plenty to give so step right up! We're starting with a clean slate here. For all of you who have stuck around with me from the beginning, thanks but don't expect any special treatment! I want to give the newbies a chance to shine.
12. Think of god damned storylines and events ahead of time so we don't get stuck. Carry them out in server when it comes time, you really don't need my approval. I'll make sure the /event thing is open to everyone.

Go ahead and post your suggestions here or make a new thread. Whatever works.


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