9th Parachutist Assault Regiment

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9th Parachutist Assault Regiment Empty 9th Parachutist Assault Regiment

Post by Tucker on Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:54 pm

9th Parachutist Assault Regiment 180px-CoA_mil_ITA_rgt_paracadutisti_009
Della folgore l'impeto


The 9th Reggimento d'Assalto Paracadutisti Col Moschin ("Moschin Pass") is the fiore all'occhiello or proudest Special Forces unit of the current Italian Army — in part due to its distinguished history, but also due to the arduous training which members must undertake. Training takes no less than two years for long-term members, and five months for short-term volunteers (with 1–2 years total military service).

Roughly equivalent in number, tasking and quality to the world-famous British Army SAS, the 9th — or il nono as it is known in Italian military circles — is capable of operating in all environments. The 9th's speciality is operating independently of outside support and far from friendly lines.

6- 8 slots total

Sottotenente (Second Lieutenant) Martino Bondi - Leader
Steyr AUG
Beretta 92 9 mm

Caporale (Corporal) Sal Moretti - Engineer
Beretta 92 9 mm

Soldato (Private) Zoey Carcamano - Marksman
Barrett M82A1 cal 12.7 mm - Not Suppressed
Beretta 92 9 mm - Extended Magazines

All weapons are suppressed.

If you were one of those I forgot, please post.


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