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Post by cptkickercutleg on Fri May 27, 2011 8:32 am

Cercius Codasius Dante_by_L_Ixion
[This is an artists rendition of Cercius, formal identification cannot be produced to to the nature of said subject.]

[Begin playback helsing_rec_subject5932_2.wav]
Helsing Interrogator: Do you know why you're here?
*Cercius can be heard grunting an acknowledgement and shifting in his seat*
Helsing Interrogator: You're going to have to speak into the microphone Cercius.
Cercius: Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not the first freakin' time you've dragged me in here.
Helsing Interrogator: Do you know why you're here Cercius?
*Silence for 12.27 seconds*
Cercius: Because I turned him in.
Helsing Interrogator: Who did you turn in, Cercius?
*Cercius grumbles, a slap is heard*
Cercius: I turned in a murdering son of a whore.
Helsing Interrogator: And who was he to you?
Cercius: He was nothing to me, an animal that turned me against my will.
Helsing Interrogator: Did you consent to him turning you?
*Silence for 4.33 seconds, the interviewer leans over to slap Cercius again*
Cercius: If you slap me again I'll burn your hand off, I'll answer in my own time.
*The interviewer leans back*
Cercius: He used me as a drinking bottle, a mere vessel to sate his hunger, I had no choice in the matter.
Helsing Interrogator: Why did he choose you?
Cercius: He told me it was because my mind was inpenetrable, he couldn't hypnotise me.
*The interrogator taps a pen on the desk a few times in thought*
Helsing Interrogator: And why did you not kill him when you woke?
Cercius: I was confused, hungry and afraid, he fed me and soothed my fears.
Helsing Interrogator: Did you kill anyone?
Cercius: Only some packs of donated blood, I wasn't allowed outside.
Helsing Interrogator: And I'll ask you again, why did you turn him in?
Cercius: He killed my sister.
*Silence for 12.52 seconds*
Helsing Interrogator: I'll leave you for now.
*Sobs can be heard from Cercius*
[End playback helsing_rec_subject5932_2.wav]

Examination of evidence and testimony given by subject 5932 seem correct, it does not seem he intends to be a threat to mankind, however, his actions should be monitored and quick response teams should be prepped for emergencies wherever he goes.

[Begin playback helsing_rec_subject5932_3.wav]
Helsing Interrogator: Cercius.
Cercius: Doctor.
Helsing Interrogator: You're here again.
Cercius: Afraid so.
*The interrogator sighs*
Helsing Interrogator: Can you tell the microphone why you're here this time?
Cercius: Yeah, I burned a copper's hand when he cuffed me.
Helsing Interrogator: That's "Constable" to you, Cercius, and do you know what happened to said Constable?
*Cercius can be heard shrugging*
Helsing Interrogator: His hands were burned so badly that they had to be surgically removed, do you know what that means?
Cercius: Awh, a poor cripple unable to repress the emotions and actions of free people, what a shame.
*The interrogator sighs heavily, a thick folder is placed on the table with a thump.*
Helsing Interrogator: Do you know what this is Cercius?
Cercius: A case file? Your porn cache? Doctor's report?
*The interrogator clears his throat*
Helsing Interrogator: Cercius, please, this is being recorded. These are your files, this is a copy of all the information we have regarding you.
*Cercius chuckles*
Cercius: All that about me? Wow, you must have whole libraries on the Elders then, as you know I was only turned a few months ago.
Helsing Interrogator: All about you. And you've been a pest, harmless, but annoying nontheless.
Cercius: Sorry, it's just how I am, ah well.
*Cercius' chair scrapes back*
Cercius: I'm bored, so I'll be leaving now.
Helsing Interrogator: Cercius.
Cercius: Yes?
Helsing Interrogator: Stray one inch and we'll have to hunt you down again, but I can't promise you won't be harmed. You've had your three strikes.
Cercius: Uh-huh, any news from this century? Didn't think so, see ya.
*The door opens and Cercius walks out, the interrogator sighs.*
[End playback helsing_rec_subject5932_3.wav]

Studies show that this specimen is becoming more dangerous, gaining access to evil magic and unnatural strength and agility, in just a year, Subject 5932 has become a danger to humans should he turn aggressive, however, at this time, it seems he still retains a fondness for human life as he remains connected to humanity by his young age. He is to be considered dangerous at all times, but hostile action is not to be taken without the direct command of a class D or above hunter. Exceptions are the same with all his kind, do not engage unless they have committed murder or turned another human without their consent.

Subject ID: 5932
Name: Cercius Codasius
Age: 24
Species: Post-Human, official death at age 20.
Birthplace: London in the UK
Reason for location: Unknown, subject 5932 seems to flit from place to place with no aim or reason.
Way of Concealing Identity: Subject 5932 sees no reason to hide his existence, but usually does not showcase his elemental manifestation. However, he does seem to favour a hairstyle where his red eyes are covered by his hair when he needs to. Studies show that when his hunger is satiated, his eyes turn a purple that is almost passable for blue, if the eyes are not examined closely he can pass for a normal human.
Equipment: Cercius has a dogtag around his neck with his subject number, name and classification on it.
Special Ability(s): Subject 5932 can jump abnormally high and sustain little damage, he can also control heat around his body, creating fire and burning through objects with little or no effort.
Weakness(s): As with many others in the current generation, Subject 5932 seems to react little to holy symbols and purifying herbs, however, silver and gold seem to burn them and slow regeneration to normal human rates, bullet wounds heal in a day or two, as shown by samples taken with permission from the subject.
Classification: Harmless unless provoked.

[Begin playback of cassette found outside agent [REDACTED]'s house, it was labeled "Keep it safe"]
*The cassette crackles and after a short pause, Cercius sighs.*
Here I go, my first recorded thoughts, I feel like this is my first step into a darkened path.
It feels different to be like this... I guess I'd better start admitting it.
I'm a vampire, turned because I bit back when I was drunk.
And yet...
I can't say I'm unhappy with my li-
No, it's not life.
My existence....
*Shuffling and a small canine whine is heard, mingled with the sound of rustling leaves and wind*
It's nice here...
They don't care what I am here, and Mark respects me for the meat I bring back from my hunting...
*A small chuckle is heard and he can be heard muttering "Stop Sham! It tickles!"*
For now, I may stay a while in Russia, where I can be taught by those with more experience than I...
Dan's cool I guess, a bit stiff, but he understands that I am confused by what I am.
I think, anyway.
He doesn't like that I don't hunt humans, that I prefer to feed off of the deer and elk in the area, and bring my food back to feed those that shelter me. He doesn't like that Mark stores the spoils from a good night's hunting with the pack.
He says I am too attached to them, and they to me.
But they need me, and they accept me, they don't care that I am different, but they care that I can stalk a deer without being smelled or seen, they care that I pick enough targets to feed the pack, and although they are disgruntled that I take away the bulk of their leftovers, they know where it goes, and that I protect them.
Dan says they act only on instinct, but isn't that what intelligence is? Finely honed instinct?
Mark doesn't mind.
Surely all that matters is that I don't attack humans and sate my hunger without drawing attention?
I'm running out of record time...
The point is...
I have no hand in matters worldly, in fact I hardly care at all
What's going on fails to concern me, 'cause I'm locked behind my walls.
But what drives me out of any place, town, building, community.
It's always the same,
It's whatever makes them see, makes them believe, and forget about the premonitions they need to conceive,
And the images they see are all of illusion and dreams.
In other words:
*the cassette stops*
[End playback of cassette]

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cptkickercutleg wrote:Shit.
Extremely badly thought out and cliché, also rips off a number of pre-written things, horrible. Stop making mary sue characters.


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