The new way to receive money

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The new way to receive money Empty The new way to receive money

Post by Jackercat on Tue May 10, 2011 9:55 pm

So yeah, the town is controlled by the Soviet Union. Everyone in the town must work or they'll face punishment. Every in game day people will be asked to set out to do a specific task that is usually designed to benefit the whole. IE Mine ore, collect lumber, repair downed power lines, clear debris, ext. These events will last about ten in real life minutes. You'll receive $50 if you do it.

You can choose to skip a work day if you wish but if caught by a police officer you may be in trouble. A fine at first and imprisonment for multiple offenses. If you are sick or faking an illness you will receive $40 a day sick pay. You're screwed if they find out you're faking it however.

As for item buying, admins will be running shops. They'll also hire people to work for extra pay on their free time. I expect people to run their own shops once they accumulate enough items. Admins won't ALWAYS be selling shit after all.

BIG NOTE: This does not apply to people who are roleplaying as Red Army Soldiers, Scientists, or anyone who does skilled labor tasks.


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