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Post by Jack Noble on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:26 pm

A special thanks to Foshizzle, this thread wouldn't of existed without him!
The Orcs Mordor%20orc%20army
The Orcs Orc%20mordor%20lower%20tower
The Orcs 95d42b26-c81f-4fae-8902-c20ccfd04425
The Orcs Mordor-overseer-orc-w-sam-n-frodo
The Orcs Mordor%20tower%20orc%20gets%20stuck
The Orcs Warg%20rider%20gondor
The Orcs Gothmog_and_army
No one knows for sure where Orcs, the foul, war-like race of the East, came from. Many speculations exist, from sorcery, to corrupted Elf evolution, to evil itself spawning them, to them simply being sentient beasts that always existed. What is known, however, is these barbaric creatures frequently threaten other races across the land. Though mainly located in the East in many tribes, they are often found elsewhere in high numbers. They are not entirely dim-witted, but are indeed babaric and brutal. Little is known about their society, culture, or lack therfore, other than they favor raiding, nomadic behavior, and pillaging other races. Speculations of ancient history say that the Orcs were corrupted Elves who were banished from society for their foul appearances and mannerisms, leading to deep hatred for and from the Orcs. Goblins, typically associated with Orcs, often work with them as workers, scouts, archers, or cannon fodder.

Orcs are typically shorter than most Humans or equal in height, are typically hob-legged, have thin hair or no hair, and have many different skin colors. They are very strong and smaller Orcs can sprint quite quickly. The Orcs seen by the majority of Humans are raiders, who wield an array of old weaponry, such as iron swords, sabers, daggers, falchions, clubs, maces, axes, spears, and bows, and they typically wear old leather armor or chainmail with leather.
More advanced Orcs, called in Orcish tongue 'Haiers', or 'Black Orcs', are rumored to exist, wearing full plate armor, standing equal to or taller than a human, and wielding pikes, long falchions, crossbows, or even firearms.

The Orcs Black_Orcs__Uruk_Hai_by_Skinny22
Speculated appearance of Haiers surrounding a fortress.

The Orcs around Cirrus and the area are lead by the Orc Ugmuk, a savage, war-hardened Orc standing taller than average. He led a party of 25 or so Orcs in the countryside until the Battle of the Mine, where a force of 25 Knights marched from Cirrus after the Orcs launched a raid. Despite heavy casualties, the Knights repulsed the Orcs, killing many and leading Ugmuk to retreat into the forest with a handful of Orcs left. The Orcish second-in-command, Gorzmog, was captured or killed by the Knights.

The Orcs Ugl%C3%BAk
The Orcs Biotoppic
Ugmuk (top) and Gorzmog (bottom).

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Post by Foshizzle on Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:24 am

As the war between Saria and Sarragonian began, Ugmuk, veteran Orc warrior and leader of the Orc Raiders in the area was enlisted as a mercenary captain for Sarragonian due to his experience, combat skill, Orc warriors, and knowledge of the land. He served well in his first commanding roles, leading Sarragonian soldiers in brutal defenses of one of their outlying villages. Though his forces lost both times, the Sarians had lost far more men than his forces, and victories had been hanging by a thread before circumstances lead to Sarragonia's retreats. Captain Ugmuk showed that his forces, and Sarragonia as a whole, were not to be underestimated by the invading Sarians.

The Orcs Uruk-hai
Ugmuk leading Orcs in the first defense of the town, his first commanding role.


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