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Post by Jackercat on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:50 am <-- War updates, map, and company info here.

The war between Saria (US, 1875 tech with wizards) and Saragon (Nazis, 1940s tech) is imminent thanks to the Queen's increasing sporadic behavior. All player characters capable of magic and general combat will soon be drafted into the army. You may choose to dodge the draft or create another character for it, but if you do keep in mind this roleplay the next few days will be focusing around a specific company of soldiers composed of player characters and NPCs.

The war itself will not simply be made up or be a set story. Player actions will effect certain battles and battles will effect the war. It's possible for characters to die (though unlikely, they will most likely be wounded and not allowed to play until the next battle depending on the circumstance, though don't expect to survive taking on a tank by yourself.) Every company of enemy soldiers on the battlefield will have a set number of troops and vehicles that can be reinforced by them visiting towns and their numbers will be listed. The Saragonians have access to an airfield that can be used to bomb cities or provide air support during battle unless taken, they also have access to an oil field which if taken out will eliminate their tank threat.

The main player company will be led by a player commander, whoever volunteers. Every other (right after a battle is completed) day they'll be expected to make a move on the battle map. Enemy companies will be making moves as well, and their movements will be seen before the commander of the player/Sarian company makes his move. This means moving to engage an enemy company, going to a nearby town to defend, or moving to engage an enemy town or other stationary asset. Enemy groups can't alter their moves once player moves are made. If I have a few more volunteers we can assign people to commands of the other two Sarian companies, though their individual battles won't be roleplayed. They'll be able to see enemy moves before they make their moves as well on the map. The maps of the battles depends on where a battle takes place. I'll be sure to post ahead of time where the next battle takes place. The player commander will also be responsible for directing players during the actual battle.

After every battle there will be roleplay at a camp/town wherever the previous battle was fought before the next battle. This is the passive roleplay area. Keep in mind, this roleplay isn't always about pew pew pew, that's only during the battle period. You can spy for the enemy, plot to overthrow the queen, try to defect, scrounge for food, roleplay some war-weary shell-shocked mother fucker, persecute enemy civilians, whatever you want during the passive period.

The war can be won or lost, or perhaps a peace can be brokered. Whatever happens will effect the roleplay in general. If everything goes to shit for Saria we may even have some sort of HL2 RP with Saragon occupying the main town.

Sarian companies will be reinforced every three days. Ten soldiers of each class and one of every other war asset (calvary, cannons, ext.) replenished, not added
Saragonian companise will be reinforced every four days. Ten soldiers of each class. No other war assets.

On companies not involving player characcters (all of them except one), victory is not random. Certain units have certain advantages over each other and battlefield topography and climate matters.


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