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Post by Jack Noble on Thu May 31, 2012 11:51 pm

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Angels are a peaceful race of winged beings, all though they are a new creation, there is much Religous prophecy behind them, it is commonly believed, that when an Angel appears, the end is near, or there is a soon-to-be disaster, whatever the case may be, Angels are considered a myth at best,
Of course known for pacifism and doom-bringing, there are numerous myths and legends about Angelic appearances and different cultural views on their nature, some are neutral towards them at worst. Angels today are a very disorganized, very seperated race, there are currently only a couple fifty or so, all though more and more are appearing in Nidus, their agendas at the moment are unknown, but it is noteworthy that some have appeared at the same time of the Changelings. As mentioned before, Angels are considered a myth, therefore their existance is not yet known to most of Nidus.

Flight - Self-explainatory.
Foreign Detection - Angels wield a particular sword, when a Changeling is nearby, (Within the same room lets say), said sword begins to glow a bright, translucent or yellow color.
Combat Proficency - All though most are inexperienced when it comes to combat, they have a natural talent when it comes to physical combat, all though it is possible for Angels to practice magic.
Healing - All angels possess the gift to heal (Mostly) minor injuries, with suprising efficency.
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