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Axiom Nihil LgLTz
Full Name
Axiom Nihil, Alias name is Charles Finely
Demonic. (Appears human.)
Madman, for his random quotes he spits out.
Scholar, philosopher, teacher and opportunist
40 AGF. (Original summoning.)
Charles Finely or Chuck Finely, his alias is, an odd man of 6'4 with fashionable spiked pauldrons and a black leatherly robe and hood.
His face is not visible, the hood seems to shade it out well. His voice sounds demanding and knowledgeable. The City records have some mention of a Charles Finely.
A teacher, a philosopher, laborer and a deed titled to Charles Finely, a small merchant house.

Nothing much else is known about Charles Finely, the records don't go that far.
There has been rumors of a good tutor named Charles Finely around about.
His intents and goals are unknown.

Abilities and Weaknesses:
Feed: The Need to drain the energy from life sources; alive, innocent and cute is much more better than regular food.
Shape Shifting: He is able to shapeshift, his favorite form is a blue bunny.
Pain control: He is able to send pain to a person via orb,bolt or touch. The latter is the most effective.
Pleasure control: He is able to send pure pleasure to a person via touch.
The Mark: The demonic bind, he has used this a couple times in his years.


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