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Count Jack Noble Tumblr_lowrid4v751qhbhv9o1_500
Full Name
Jack Noble.
Demonic. (Appears human.)
Count. (Short for Councilor, Head Councilor in particular.)
Head Councilor of the Sarian Council.
Somewhere within the occupied lands of Saragon.
52 AGF. (Original summoning.)
Jack Noble appears to be regular, narcissistic politician of whom worked constantly, gave many speeches and dedicated much of his time to his political career, eventually, he had found himself in the spot of Head Councilor as the years went by, however, his story is not simple as depicted. Jack Noble, (Or as he goes by now) is a persuasive, charismatic, demonic entity, the alias he now goes by, Jack Noble, is in fact the third alias he has gone by in the past few decades, all though he has roamed Nidus several times before, he has also "died" many times before, his story truly starts out in 1388 AGF, the same year the Saragonian Empire had invaded one of it's neighbors;
Jackodus Matheilus
Count Jack Noble Karl1
Was the leader of a nation neighboring the expanding Saragonian Empire, during their expansion, the Saragonians declared Jackodus's Empire to be the rightful property of them, and sent numerous armies, Jackodus was overthrown quickly then executed publicly, but there was one thing: Jackodus was in fact, never technically born, and not actually a human being, but a demonic entity, the very same as Jack Noble, and Jackodus, was still very alive.
Karl Von Sanberg
Ten years later; A Rallon politician quickly rose through the ranks of the Saragonian Empire into a seat with the support of the People, one day, Karl was found placing several explosives in the Kaiser's desk, he awoke the next day only to be find a booing crowd and a wooden surface under him; The Gallows.

Many more decades later, the one we know as Jack Noble had plotted his flee to the Sarian Empire, and almost instantly he builds himself a fortune, all ready rising through the ranks of Politics and military, the Entity now resides as the middle-aged head of the Council.

Abilities and Weaknesses:
Feed: The Need to drain the energy from foliage and nicotine sources.
Manipulative Influence: Self-explainatory.
Shape Shifting: Self-explainatory.
Nerve Control: He is able to send heavy amouts of agony to an individual on will, or vice versa.
The Mark: He has rarely ever offered his Mark to another, but those whom do accept it are permanently binded to his Will and under his permanent control.

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