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Ayanoch Owlant10
Ayanoch, the Great Owls

Vastly more intelligent than any other race on Cirrus, the Ayanoch are withdrawn almost completely from the rest of the races on Nidus. Their race is fairly young, but they have secluded themselves to the point of being ignored by most every race. When they do leave their isolated cities high in the mountains, they do not engage anything that is not of their own race.

There have been enough exceptions over the course of history to know that they even care of the affairs of the other inhabitants of Nidus. Such happenings are somewhat rare though, the most occurring during times of great struggle of the other races. They function then as either a mediator during war or healers during famine and plague.

Their society consists almost entirely of scientists, philosophers, and diplomats; they have been through plenty of civil wars in their time, but have nearly reached a utopian society. The blame for breaking a law in their cities is punished by being shunned from the society for a year the first time, doubling with each consecutive law broken.

They have many great weapons, but most of them collect dust, war not being one of their ultimate goals as a race. The destruction felt by the Ayanoch's last Great war was so devastating that they destroyed the knowledge of the weapons that caused the devastation. They have now come to develop technologies a dozen years ahead of the rest of Nidus, but in the realms of medicine and the like. The first and only race on Nidus to have completely incorporated the magic of teleportation into technology, they have connected the three great cities around the continent of Anduro using teleportation bridges akin to wormholes. The Ayanoch have also learned some of the universes greater mysteries, such as the function and action of how time passes. They are currently attempting to modify a bridge for the affect of time travel, but have been hampered by their lack of knowledge of how time and matter react with each other.

The crowning achievement of the Ayanoch is their Glory of Aponech, the floating city in which the effects of gravity have been reversed to allow it to float. The only way to effectively maneuver in the city is to fly, making it ideal for the Ayanoch.

The Ayanoch have an average life span of 130 years, but the oldest to ever live reach the age of 188.

- An affinity for magic in conjunction with technology such as magic watches that point to magical anomalies.
- An affinity for teleportation magic such as the blink ability.
- Telescopic and night vision.
- Full flight capabilities.
- A weakness to melee combat and firearms.


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