Magic Rules and Racial Affinity

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Magic Rules and Racial Affinity Empty Magic Rules and Racial Affinity

Post by Jackercat on Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:10 pm

Magic can only be used if you have learned it in character from a master or have applied for it on the forums. The only exception to this is if you're playing a race that has a natural affinity for magic, in which case you can use that sort of magic from the start. Magic is used by conjuring energy from ones soul or another source via a spell (spoken aloud or inward) and then doing what you want with it via yet another spell.

Racial Affinities
Lamia: Cloaking magic.
Tieflings: Flame magic.
Vila: Shapeshifting and Weather Control
Demons: Shapeshifting, Alacris (imposing joy), and Nubilis (imposing sorrow/pain) magic. They can also use the 'pact' ability they have mentioned in their racial description.
Dragons (Human Form): Fire or Ice magic. Up to the user. Hardened skin, strength beyond a normal humans.


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