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Post by Jackercat on Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:39 pm

Lamia Vampire_by_Badass_Jo

Lamia are a race of creatures who require blood in order live. It serves as both a drawback and a benefit to them as feeding off blood allows them to maintain immortality. Lamia are unlike normal creatures in that they do not give birth. Instead, they were created by the minor god Daragon to watch over his worshipers as well as Nidus' people in general from things that go bump in the night. Many have stuck true to the task, having kept the world and its people safe from otherwordly and/or dark creatures for thousands of years years, though many live a life of hedonism. Vampires generally garner fear and respect from most, though many only attempt to drink the blood of trusted friends or volunteers. Saria is currently ruled by a vampire of great age and wisdom.

Lamia tend to fry when exposed to the sun, they can typically last only a few minutes before passing out on a cloudless day.


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