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World Status (4/24) Empty World Status (4/24)

Post by Jackercat on Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:20 pm

North America: U.S. Army is still fighting on the East Coast. Talk of creating a Rocky Mountain containment line to secure West Coast cities has occured. Mexico is nearly overrun. Canada is holding its own. Refugees stream North. Alaska mostly secure. Zombie threat level: 5/10

Asia: Russia reported heavy fighting in its major eastern cities. Siberia has scattered fighting. China is nearly overwhelmed, the plague having started there. The Middle East is fairing surprisingly well. Zombie threat level: 7/10.

Africa: Northern Africa isn't doing too well. However, Southern Africa has fared better thanks to many using melee weapons, spears in particular, that are more effective against the hordes. They have not fared as well against the evolved types of zombies, however, such as the story-tall brutes and fireball throwing monsters. Zombie threat level: 4/10

Australia: Outbreaks have been minor in Australia at best. The Australian army has been doing fairly well at containment. A stream of refugees, some infected may change this, as well as seaborne zombies. Zombie threat level: 3/10

South America: Brazil has held its own and has cleared most of its major cities. Peru and other nations in higher elevators have done well in using the terrain to their advantage. However, zombies streaming down from Mexico pose a major threat. Zombie threat level: 3/10.

Antarctica: Clear. However, surviving here is usually harder than surviving against zombies. Zombie threat level: 0/10

Europe: England has destroyed the canal tunnel between it and France and has secured its borders. Seaborne zombies and refugees pose a major threat. Mainland Europe is fairing worse, France has lost Paris and Italy has lost Rome. A civil war has erupted in Germany. Zombie threat level: 8/10

Island Nations and Islands in General: Secure for the most part. Seaborne zombies and refugees pose a major threat. Zombie threat level: 2/10.

Space: International space station is still online thanks to a few brave volunteers. They are busy keeping the satellite grid online. Zombie threat level: 0. SPACE ZOMBIES WILL NOT APPEAR. Moon colony is secured.

World News
April 6th: A nuclear weapon has been used against St. Petersburg by the Red Army. After days of trying to stem the tide of undead streaming out of St. Petersburg, and threatening an already barely-held Moscow, the Red Army has detonated a nuclear device within the city to stem the tide, apparently convinced no civilians could possibly still be within. Winds from the north have directed fallout, as expected, away from population centers.

April 12th: The U.S. Army has retreated from New York City. Despite an initially successful counter-attack against the undead hordes infesting downtown NYC, the U.S. army has been forced to withdraw from Manhattan due to coming up against new, 'evolved' varieties of undead including monstrous, story tall creatures and 'fire-zombies' capable of sending flaming chunks of flesh a great distance. Helicopters and even military jets have been reportedly taken out of the sky by mysterious green energy orbs emanating from the city-streets.


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