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Post by Jackercat on Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:00 pm

Zombies in this are based heavily off of the ones from World War Z. A special kind of virus is threat via contact with a Zombie's saliva or blood, which kills, reanimates and mutates a victim within two days. Zombies are practically unkillable unless their brains are destroyed, as their bodies no longer work like ours in any way. Even decapitating a zombie will result in his head sitting on the ground snapping at you. This is partially due to their thick, brown, gook like blood that hardens on contact with air. Zombies are capable of surviving conditions that no human can, such as the deep sea and being frozen over. Yes, they can walk around on the sea floor, and can freeze if they walk around below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Most zombies can only travel at a walking pace. In recent days, evolved zombies have presented a greater threat than normal ones. The types of zombies there are are presented below.

Normal zombies Run of the mill shambling walking zombies. Easy prey alone, but very dangerous in groups. Aim for the head. Very stupid creatures.

Flame zombies. Seem to be naturally combustible. They rip off their burning flesh and fling it in order to give themselves a 'ranged' attack. This can make the very dangerous when fighting inside buildings, as they tend to catch on fire.

Tank zombies Hulking story-tall monstrosities that seem to be the result of a single zombie 'absorbing' zombies and organic materials around them to create a massive creature. These zombies are very dangerous, as their 'brains' are protected by a thick membrane. Heavy ordinance is required to take them down. They do not 'infect' victims as normal zombies do, they tend to just absorb them into their selves. The largest reported Tank was over two stories tall.

Venom zombies Zombies who are able to produce a nasty venom that they can fling at their enemies. For some reason, it is not infectious but can be absorbed into the skin. This can paralyze a potential victim.

Agile zombies, or Kenyan zombies as called by racists. These are surrounded by a green mist and are able to travel at a running speed. They are considered very dangerous.


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