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What's this shit about? Empty What's this shit about?

Post by Jackercat on Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:43 pm

Wrath of the damned roleplay is about zombies doing what zombies do best and causing apocalypses. The roleplay itself takes place in an area called Robynsvalley, a small industrial/warehouse district abandoned years ago on the outskirts of a town called Wolfbane. It is currently being used as a relocation point for Wolfbane's residents as well as a refugee housing area in order to keep everyone in one small area for better protection. The zombies in this are supernatural in origin, and other supernatural creatures may make an appearance. However, only vampires are allowed to be playable at this time, and admin permission must be acquired to do so.

All players can choose to use pistols (civilian-class only), rifles (civilian-class only), and shotguns (civilian-class only), bows/crossbows, and melee weapons. This definition is sort of vague, but as a general rule of thumb any gun not used by the U.S. or other first-world armies is fine to use. Machine-guns are not allowed as a starter weapon period unless acquired. Machine-guns and other higher-grade weapons must be acquired during events or from admin-run shops. Special clothing such as bite-proof vests and kevlar must also be bought or found during events.

Zombies will be the main type of enemy, with advanced types as seen in such games as Left4Dead serving to add diversity. There will be other monsters such as wild animals and supernatural creatures.


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