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Type-2 Nullifier Empty Type-2 Nullifier

Post by Jackercat on Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:43 am

Type-2 Nullifier Plasma_rifle_original

The Nullifier was developed by the Salendi during their war with the demon warlord who invaded their homeworld. It works by harnessing the energy from primia, a substance enfused with magical energies. It focuses these energies into a coherent beam. Not only will it stun any target but it will also nullify a magic users attempts to cast spells. It works by enveloping a target with magic energy which intermingle with any they attempt to summon normally.

Because of the overwhelming energies surrounding them, they will be unable to perform magic without a high risk of backfire. After a minute after a shot is fired the energy will eventually dissipate. The weapon and heavier versions of it proved invaluable in the Salendi's war against the demonic creatures on the homeworld as well as for defense against magic creatures in the zone.

Most other Salendi weapons are projectile based, usually involving gunpowder.


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