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Post by Jackercat on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:51 pm

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Demons have been appearing around the universe since the beginning of time. They are cold, calculating creatures who care for only two things: chaos and power. Though this may seem like they're all destructive, this is far from the case. A demon may take control of a nation and act like its people's best friends in order to hang onto power. This does not mean that any are truly 'good.' In only one instance in recorded universal history has a demon ever acted truly 'selfless.'

Ever since magic began being used on Earth, fissures have, intentionally or unintentionally been opened that have allowed demons crawl out of their home plane of existence to our own. There are about a hundred in the zone currently, each with their own agendas and rarely ever working together. Their detection is hindered by the fact they've acquired true shapeshifting abilities.

The Salendi homeworld in Alpha Centauri was ravaged and taken over by a demonic warlord named Mal'Tarok. Because of the invasion, the Salendi have been hunting demons in the zone since landing on Earth.

Demons control powerful, distinct kind of magic that has nothing to do with soul energy or emotions. Instead, they either leech of their surroundings (trees and animals) or summon energy from their home realm. Their powers are capable of delivering massive amounts of pain to a target or pleasure. They are also capable of binding willing servants to them, thus making it that if the demon were to die, so would a servant and also making it so the demon can kill them at any time.


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