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Salendi Tali_without_helmet_by_calisto_lynn-d3hetly

The Salendi are a mystery to even the mysterious creatures within the Zone. They began appearing nearly five hundred years ago, though still nobody has ever been invited to or found their home settlement. Their only interactions with other races have usually been to barter for food or primia, a magically enriched resource. They are known to the zone to harness advanced magical devices.

In reality, the Salendi are the remnants of an alien civilization native to Alpha Centauri. Their homeworld was destroyed in a nuclear war a thousand years ago. Subsequent experiments began for viable ways to travel between the stars in order to escape their trashed homeworld, the main target being Earth, which one of their probes has already scanned to determine it was viable for settlement. The two experiments involved star travel via spacecraft or portal technology. Unfortunately, the portal experiments led to a disastrous outcome. They managed to open one to Earth, and as expected the wormhole did not travel through normal space. What was not expected was for this abnormal space to be inhabited by creatures just waiting to be let loose. Their world quickly became besieged by demon like creatures. Conventional technology was deemed to be ineffective, but eventually weaponry using primia (A mineral that was used as a power source for them) was invented that proved to be very effective against the demonic forces.

However, the discovery was too little, too late. In order to save the last of their civilization, a sleeper ship was constructed and sent on its way to Earth while the resistance held onto what was left of the homeland, despite the fact it was barely worth hanging onto, being a radioactive wasteland and all. The sleeper ship arrived in Sol around the 1500s and touched down in an area scanned and determined to have heavy primia resources, the Siberian Boreal Zone, most of their current technology built around it. They currently have a settlement deep within some of the highest mountains with a current population of three thousand, them not being the most fertile species.

The Salendi themselves are a somewhat advanced species, though not advanced enough that they would be able to take on any nations on Earth. Their technology is somewhat around that of modern day humans in our world, but they are more advanced then us when it comes to space travel, cryogenetic storage, power sources, and one specific type of weaponry. That specific type of weaponry uses primia to create a coherent beam of magic nullifying energy which was used in their war versus the demons who invaded their homeworld. Most of their other weapons are projectile based, however. Despite the ease in which they can conquer the Zone's races with this type of weaponry, they have been reluctant to do so, feeling they don't deserve more then what they need since they were responsible for their homeworld's destruction. Many Salendi have rejected technology all-together because of the nuclear war and have attempted to intermingle with local mythical populations.
The Salendi are from a planet with higher nitrogen concentrations in their atmosphere. They are able to breath Earth's air, but only for about an hour before they need to go back into their environment suits. They can typically breath an hour's worth of earth air for every two hours in the suit.

As of life in the 1930s zone, the Salendi have been very tight-handed on their weaponry and technology, and so far no races have been able to acquire it. Naturally, they're haters of demons, and when some of them began to show up in the zone the Salendi began to hunt them ferociously. As sort of a 'payment' for settling on Earth, they helped hunt down the Lich threatening Moscow.


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