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Post by Jackercat on Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:29 pm

Necrotic Magic Necromancer_by_karichristensen

Necrotic Magic is magic used for the specific purposes of resurrection and manipulating corpses. It is such nasty business that it can't be performed through regular magic using normal soul energy. In order to do it, one must complete the Rite of Malrook, which is a two month long process undertaken by an ancient order of Necromancers (And they find you if you're deemed corrupt enough, you don't find them) which eventually leads to the user being dipped in a pool that the 'heart' of an old god apparently decomposed into. After this, your soul is corrupted and you can begin to learn the ways of necrotic magic.

In order to raise the dead, necrotic magic can restore vital functions to decent corpses, though in order for any body to live once again it must have the 'soul' of the original user within. Thus, a part of the process involves the wrathful part original owner's soul being dragged back into the corpse where part of the necromancer's soul intermingles with it. Because of this, the original owner has a vague awareness of what is going on around him as the Lich or Necromancer commands his/her body to do his bidding, a bidding they are forced to follow. Corpses can be animated other ways, but it usually takes all of a magic users concentration to do it, thus this is the most efficient method.

Necrotic magic can also be used for resurrections, which is probably the most noble thing that can be done with it. Still, in the few cases of resurrections that have occurred most owners do not want to be back, saying that they don't remember much of anything about the 'other side of the gate' except for a an overwhelming feeling of happiness, this is even if the corpse was perfectly preserved or only recently dead.

The most powerful kind of necromancer is a Lich, an undead being of incredible power who is literally unkillable (No, nuking it won't work either.). Texts on how to become one have been lost to history, which is probably a good thing.


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