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Post by Jackercat on Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:29 am

"To Protect and Serve."

The Taromak guard was an organization set up near the beginning of the town's history with the purpose of defending its citizens against themselves and outside threats such as mythical monsters. At the moment, they are strictly a Soviet/Elensar group, though change may be the air regarding this. Not having to deal with typical threats most police forces do, the human portion of the guard resembles the Soviet army more then anything at least equipment wise.

All human members are equipped Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant rifles, batons, knives, and TT-30 pistols. Most elven members prefer using bows or crossbows, as many are over a hundred years old and can use them to an almost as deadly effect as human rifles, not to mention many of them have magical abilities. However, the Soviet government is allowing them to use their rifles if they wish to have them. A taskforce of Red Army soldiers mans T-34 battle tanks and M1910 artilery pieces positioned in key areas around the town's perimeter thanks to numerous dragon and other heavy mytho creature attacks. Though they may be part of the Red Army, they still answer to the Guard's chain of command.

The guard currently holds over two hundred officers within its ranks, all trained for combat and how to deal with situations regarding mythological sentients. Elven help has been invaluable to them, including the construction of jail cells which nullify attempts to use magic as well as providing magical support directly, fighting fire with fire that is. They are not considered brutal, but will not hesitate to dish out lethal force when necessary. They have had quite the problem with human and even elven racism, however.



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