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Post by Jackercat on Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:41 am

Sensus Magic Rune_spell_by_lithriel-d4p6h2t

Sensus magic is the most common magic used by mythical races. It works somewhat like Arcane magic in other fictions. Basically, the soul is composed of different energies. Specific energies can be brought into the physical world through the use of emotion. Certain energies can perform certain subtypes of Sensus Magic. However, you can't just will something to happen like a fireball shooting out of your hands once the energy is summoned, the energy must be commanded and manipulated by chanting or thinking spells, the latter usually done only by experts.

Though this magic is commonly used, it's not to be taken lightly. A person must have a decent control of their emotions less they risk summoning too little or worse, too much energy, know the orders of spells needed to command the energy the way they want, and need to have a feel of how how much energy they're summoning through emotions. Because of a high risk for accidents to occur, it's highly recommended novice magic users find a teacher, especially one who is able to easily sense how much energy a student is summoning.

There are six spellltypes that can be used by summoning certain energies. It should be noted that mixing emotions and therefore energies can done as well to bring about spells not listed down below.

Caelum Energy
Energy that makes up a blissful, positive part of the soul is called Caelum. This energy is naturally summoned through happy, hopeful emotions. Solaris Magic, or light spells fall under this category. These spells are generally heavily effective against undead enemies or opponents with corrupted souls.

Mobilis Energy
Energy that makes up the energetic, driven part of the soul is called Caleum. It is naturally evoked through excitement. Spells that augment the body such as super-speed and strength are usually done by using this energy.

Ardor Energy
Energy that makes up the tender, loving part of the soul is called Ardor. It is naturally evoked through loving, caring emotions. Healing magic often uses this energy.

Guardian Energy
Guardian energy makes up the fearful part of the soul. Most shield spells use this type of energy, some which can deflect an entire round from a Thompson submachine-gun or even the most powerful offensive magics.

Concussio Energy
Albiet the most dangerous energy to summon is Concussio, made of the wrathful part of the soul. Most offensive magics use this energy such as lightning and fire.

Luctus Energy
Energy derived through sorrow is used for weather manipulation, rain and snow being the most common. Shadow/Dark magic is also commonly used via this energy.


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