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Post by Jackercat on Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:57 am

Boreal Elves Dark_elf_by_akakuma

The Boreal Elves were a group of long-living (about 500 years on average), nimble, long-eared mythical creatures who lived in the northern reaches of the world. Thus they quickly became one of the most prosperous races when trapped within the zone. Three elven nations eventually developed within: Elensar, the largest located in the southern regions and arguably the most advanced, Alatariel, a northern nation filled mainly composed of smaller, rough-and-tumble mining towns, and Ireth, an oceanside nation sitting off the Laptev Sea that they use for their livelihood, though they have to contend with frequent Naga attacks.

This race is extremely proud of who they are to the point of arrogance in some of them. Their old ages allow them to become a master at multiple crafts, and their nimble bodies make them quick opponents who use agility and reflex to their advantage. They, like all mythical creatures are capable of learning magic, their calm and easily loving nature making easily able to master spells that use Caelum and Ardor energy, though younger elves more prone to a wider variety and more potent emotions may learn other types. They usually learn to tone down their emotions by the age of 70, however.

Unfortunately, all other elven races have since gone extinct.


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