Marcus Tyler - Middle aged PMC lieutenant

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Marcus Tyler - Middle aged PMC lieutenant Empty Marcus Tyler - Middle aged PMC lieutenant

Post by cptkickercutleg on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:56 pm

Name: Marcus Tyler
Gender: Male
Race: Human - Caucasian
Age: 45
Occupation(s): Sheriff of Colony Guard, PMC (Private Military Contracters) - 5 years left, Rank: 2LT
Equipment: Heavy PMC armour - resistant to small arms and explosions.
Assault Rifle - 30 rounds, Acog scope, carries 3 extra clips.
9mm Pistol - 10 rounds, carries 10 extra clips.

Current Appearance:
Marcus is a fit man. His well toned muscles mask his age, and though he may have crows feet around his eyes, worry lines and scars aplenty upon his face, his clear eyes pierce through all of that, an astounding emerald green. His short-cropped hair is kept in check with regular trimming, but he  prefers practicality over vanity, often hiding his salt and pepper bristles under a green woollen cap. His beard, although sporting the same level of colour over grey, does not receive the same treatment, and generally goes unshaven for weeks.

He often sports his heavy PMC armour, trusting it to protect him from almost anything, from small arms to grenades. The armour may seem a mismatch of armour plating, but each plate weighs around 20 pounds, and adds up to just over 420 pounds in addition to his own weight and the weight of the pneumatic servos that assist in his movement. It is an olive drab or white set of ceramic plates and Kevlar weave fabric with several layers of different metals, foams and plastics inside each plate, leading to an almost impenetrable wall of armour on each limb. However, the inside of each joint, as well as the back of his legs, his neck, and his boots are all viable targets for attack, being covered only by light Kevlar-reinforced BDU. His helmet combines high levels of technological sophistication with top-of-the-line protection, being built with EMP shielding and the same armour design as his armour, as well as a neural-link HUD, including an ammo-counter, radar and compass. The radar takes up a considerable amount of the suit's computing power and often heats up the whole suit if he widens the distance it relays, allowing him a glimpse of further-off activities, but the helmet whirrs violently and quickly begins to get much hotter. As a result of this, he does not often keep the radar on an expanded radius, merely flicking it up, to see what is ahead, then back down to its normal 15 meters.

Political Stance: Extremely Liberal, Marcus supports xeno-rights, as well a very strong opinion on the treatment of prisoners, preferring to have a "tend and befriend" over the traditional "fight or flight" response to aggression. He is self-sacrificing and measures himself only in the amount that he can make others happy, holding the rather naive belief that allies are better to have than enemies, and seeks to change the world through example.

[History and pictures coming soon if I can be bothered to write a 45 year history, go ahead and destroy it call it OP, give me ways to balance it.]

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Marcus Tyler - Middle aged PMC lieutenant Empty Re: Marcus Tyler - Middle aged PMC lieutenant

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