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The Darkshore Pirates Empty The Darkshore Pirates

Post by Jackercat on Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:02 am

The Darkshore Pirates Serpentcoiled

There are currently two UTF colonies on Artemis, but that does not mean there were once more. A third colony ship landed after the first two on the far Eastern shores of Siren Lake. The colony quickly grew strong thanks to a discovery of important minerals nearby. As it grew strong, the colonists grew bolder. An interesting parallel to American history, the colonists thought the UTF was taking more than it was giving due to the pressure that was put on them to sell their resources at cheap prices. They soon opted to gain independence, and were able to do so easily. They were meant with no retaliation.

Unfortunately, the colony was not blessed with a location suitable for hunting and soon relied on trading their minerals for neccesities. When the minerals ran out... so did their food supply. As winter hit of the first year of self-reliance, the colonists grew desperate. They begged the UTF to let them back into their fold, but were rejected. They were offered transportation off the planet, but did not wish to leave their homes. Angry at the UTF's disregard for their well-being, and having a healthy stock of potent weapons they had gathered over the year, they armed their small fleet and turned to piracy in order to collect food and other supplies. Their name would soon be feared by all in this region of Artemis, 'The Darkshore Pirates.' Their symbol; a coiled serpent displayed on the bows of their ship.

For years, they plundered alien and human colonies on the islands and shores of Siren Lake as well as down the Serpent river that runs hundreds of miles south of it. Their cache of weapons grew over time, as well as their ranks, including even some aliens, and with their increased power they were able to even plunder the UTF colonial capital of Threshold. After that, the UTF had had enough. The colonial marines were mobilized and ordered to hunt down and destroy the Darkshore Pirate fleet, and they did so with great efficiency. Within months, the lake's bottom was littered with the husks of dead ships. Only a few managed to escape elsewhere...

Within a few recent years, sightings have been reported of coiled serpent sporting ships, but these sightings were never comfirmed. What happened to the remaning pirates remains as mystery, as well as to what happened to the third colony, its residents having dissapeared when their 'privateers' did. All that remains are several buildings slowly being overtaken by the woodlands.

What many don't know is that the pirates have renewed their plundering, lead by a new charismatic and diplomatic captain, Lando White, who prefers using trade with a bit of threatening to acquire goods over actual stealing.


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