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Post by mr.pie on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:48 pm

The Element's(alien) Female_Krogan_by_Asurael_Returns

The Elements

The Element's are a towering species of aliens which usually varies around 7 foot. They have bulky armour which comes in all colours and sizes. The material it is made from is unknown. They are called the Elements because they are skilled in certain types of elements, rock, water etc. Their skin is cracked and has many rock-like blotches all over it. Each Element will carry a different weapon this could be something like a hammer to a gun of some sort. They are small in number as the amount of females is very low.

They come from a near solar system called "KZ-403H" in this system they come from a planet called "Nekreshku." They traveled to Artemis planet a few hundred years ago in small numbers to see if they could harvest the resources there. The planet was rather far from them but it was not their first venture. As they got closer they started to ruin out of fuel to run the ship and had to make a emergency landing killing half the crew. The ship is scattered all over the planet and the aliens took refuge in underground hideouts. They stayed underground for a long time before re-emerging, but without sunlight their brains did not get enough UV to keep them smart enough for the voyage back and have been staying on the planet since. No contact from the home base has been made, for as long as the Elements can remember they were born on these islands.


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