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Artemis was the third planet to be colonized by Earth, and the Bahamut was the key in making it happen by scouting and ferrying colonists to it. In addition, some of her crew decided to join the colonists. Artemis is a cold, but not inhospitable world with nearly identical atmospheric conditions to Earth. It is filled with vast forests and boasts several great seas as well as a plethora of untapped natural resources. Though the icy conditions on the planet make agriculture difficult, an abundance of huntable wildlife ensures a plentiful food supply, thus why the planet is called Artemis.

Earth currently has two colonies on it positioned near key resource nodes and a military base between them. The reason for the latter is that because of the planets' rich resources, mankind was not the first to target it for colonization. In addition to the alien colonies, several sentient indigenous species live on the planet as well. In order to build trust between the multiple species living on the planet, humans have been allowed to settle with aliens and vice versa. Reasons for individuals wishing to do this abound but mainly involve a wish to learn about other cultures, being an outcast amongst there own, or simply finding another colony's conditions to be better than their own.

Earth's primary colony is called Threshold (The Roleplay Setting), named this because of the large deposits of resources nearby. It is a humble, yet growing colony boasting a population of over five hundred. The town even boasts a strong police force and is home to the colony's seat of government.

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