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Post by Jackercat on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:19 pm

Note: Aliens mentioned below are considered canon. Anything else is not considered canon. Do not take it as an insult if your race was not included, it may not have been a bad idea, just not a good fit for our roleplay at that particular time. If you think yours should be canon send me a pm and I forgot it send me a pm.

Bahamut Database

Mission 1 - Alpha Centauri

First Contact - Twin Xeno Warships
It appears we are not alone in the universe as many have said. Two triangular-like alien warships were discovered near the edge of the Centauri system when we first arrived. These aliens appeared to have knowledge of limited English and wished for us to leave the system. They fired a warning shot above the bow of the Bahamut with what appeared to be a beam-like weapon. A face-to-face meeting with these aliens was never made.

Bahamut Database Warrior1

Jovian Class Gas Giant AC6
We jumped to a gas giant in order to avoid a firefight with these powerful aliens we jumped near the vicinity of a large, blue gas giant in system in order to make our ship to their sensors.

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M-Class Satellite AC6-M1 'Pandora'
A moon was discovered orbiting the gas giant. Scans indicated it bore sizable deposits of mercury, for use with our ion thrusters, and deuterium to stabilize our reactor. Atmospheric pressure was nominal for human exploration, however a high abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere forced us to wear breathing masks. The planet itself contained thick jungles with eerie blue fog hovering off the ground. No alien life was present.

Bahamut Database Danzigiy4

The Centauri Colony World
The Centauri colony world's readings were indifferent from what the colonists reported. It was an earth-like world with vast oceans, a habitable atmosphere, and vast mineral deposits. Details of what happened to the colonists can be found in Lieutenant Maya's report. However, a few additional discoveries were made here.

Xeno Construct AC1
A large fortress-like structure was discovered in the middle of the desert by the crew of the Bahamut. It appeared the Centauri colonists had been studying it for some time. Unfortunately, they meant the same fate as the rest of their kin. According to the crew, however, the spirits of this archaeological expedition had never left the area. Many reported seeing live colonists for brief seconds before they vanished as well as other unusual circumstances such as audible whispers heard from nowhere. I believe they were exposed to a chemical agent with could have caused hallucinations, though this is just a theory. This facility seemed to contain a very advanced power source.

Lizard-like Xenos
The first face-to-face meeting with an alien species took place in the capital city of the Centauri colony. These aliens were humanoid, lizard-like, and about as tall as an average human. They appeared technologically advanced, with ships capable of firing plasma-based projectiles capable of leveling buildings. These weapons were used on the crew indirectly, bringing down the building they were in. It is unknown if this ship was attacking the crew or another alien of their species. The ship was brought down by the combined efforts of a synth and a human crewmember. Unfortunately, it seemed to have a built-in self-destruct feature. We could not recover any parts of it for examination.

Xeno Construct AC2
A large alien construct was discovered underground. Here we discovered yet another alien race that seemed to come out of nowhere. These aliens seemed to be beyond reasoning and attacked the crew without provocation. Nothing of value was discovered here.


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