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Post by Jackercat on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:12 am

Centauri Report
Date: January 18th, 2172
Lieutenant Maya Frank

It is a heavy heart that I must report the findings of the mission to Alpha Centauri to the admiralty when we return to Earth. Centauri was Earth's first colony outside our cradle that is Sol, but unfortunately it seems that what was once mankind's biggest achievement is now its greatest tragedy. When we arrived in system our expectations were low, for we believed whatever disaster that struck the colony must have been quite large for them not to have reestablished contact within five years. We expected a catastrophe, but what we didn't expect was the complete annihilation of the colony's inhabitants.

Initial studies indicated the death of the colonists may have been caused by a viral plague brought upon by an alien race either intentionally or unintentionally after first contact was made with them. However, it was soon discovered that a war had also taken place. The Centaurians themselves seemed to believe these aliens had intentionally spread what they called 'The Red Plague' and were soon at the visitor's throats. Evidence suggests at least one alien ship out of three was taken out by nuclear weapons.

However, conventional warfare and disease cannot account for the unusual positions of skeletal remains found on the planet. It was if many had died at their posts or while performing other tasks, unscarred and without any indication they underwent physical trauma. An alien superweapon, perhaps biological, is possible. However, the aliens we had made contact with when we initially entered the Alpha Centauri system seemed to only wish to chase us away, not destroy us, though perhaps these were not the same aliens. I suppose guessing will get us no closer to answers. I do not believe it is wise to conduct further operations on the surface because of the nearly disastrous outcomes of previous away missions.

Perhaps it's time we left the Centauri system to its ghosts.

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